Monday, December 19, 2011

The Race for AFC Wild Card

In the AFC, there are many teams in a thick battler for a wilcard berth. The first wild card berth will be taken by the Pittsburgh Steelers or Baltimore Ravens depending on which team will win the AFC North.

Topping the contenders for the remaining wildcard are New York Jets (8-6) and Cincinnati Bengals (8-6) while Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers are at 7-7.

It is important to notice that if Bengals will get the last spot, then there will be three teams from one division.

The New England Patriots, Houston Texans, Ravens and Steelers are in the playoff already. The Denver Broncos lead the in the AFC West still is vulnerable that they are considered to be in the wildcard race also.

Which of these teams will play in the Super Bowl