Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Super Bowl Live Stream on iPad?

Super Bowl Live Stream on iPad?

Not long ago, i dreamed of watching the Super Bowl in my cellphone. Though online was limited that time, I had a feeling that somebody will make a gadget to suit my desire. Well, the late Steve Jobs did it for all of us. A Super Bowl Live Stream on our iPad.

As the Super Bowl 46 approaches, my friends are already thinking about a Super Bowl party. It has been a tradition to watch the Super Bowl with my friends. I love the party because it's the time of bragging for your team. Though I don't drink, I am voracious in eating what is on the table.

Sometimes I don't want to watch with a group but I have no choice because it brings satisfaction. Super Bowl 46 is another story, another party, and this time I have another way of watching it.

For the first time in the history of the Super Bowl, it will be streamed online. This means that everybody will have a shot of watching Super Bowl 2012 online. Aside from that through the gadget called iPad, Super Bowl 46 will be interesting.

Imagine watching home in a handheld device? Just can't believe it but it is now possible through the NFL and NBC Sports. Surely, it can be watched now everywhere as long as you have an iPad. There's no need to view it in a big screen called television. Superbowl live stream 2012 will be another history in the NFL.