Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Bowl Live Stream: Patriots vs Giants Rematch

Super Bowl Live Stream: Patriots vs Giants Rematch

New England Patriots vs New York Giants in the first ever superbowl live stream. What a great match up as both teams played great in the conference championship.

Patriots pulled off a nerve wracking 23-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens to earn a passage to the Super Bowl LXVI. A missed field goal by Raven's kicker Billy Cundiff sent the Ravens home while the Patriots in jubilation. It was a very contentious game that almost went to the Ravens side as they had the possession of the ball in the last minute. Joe Flacco moved the chains enough for the Ravens to set that 32 yard field goal.

The story was not all about the Patriots for they were outgained on the air and on the ground. It was Ravens failure to make the right passes at the end. Quartback Tom Brady even said that he didn't have the game that he wanted. His game were marred by two turnovers, though he is happy to get the win because of the Patriots defense.

On the other hand, New York Giants overpowered the 49ers in taking the opportunity for the fumble return in overtime, 20-17. Giants were lucky enough for that chance to get the ball through a missed punt return. Eli Manning played extremely well that he is back to the Super Bowl.

Giants defense has been superb in the past weeks and this team is ready to meet the final challenge against the Patriots.

Super Bowl Live Stream is on NBC Sports.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SuperBowl Live Stream: Four teams left in the NFL

Super Bowl 46 Live Stream. After the NFL Divisional Playoffs, there are four teams left to consider in the road to the Super Bowl. The AFC and NFC championship game will be on Sunday, January 22 and the winners will be playing for the Super Bowl live stream.

San Francisco 49ers vs New York Giants in the NFC title game while Balimore Ravens vs New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. With all the people set their eyes on these games, the Super Bowl Live Stream is near. Surely, for the first time in the NFL the Superbowl will be live stream through NFL Channel and NBC Sports.

Let's look at the teams that have the chance to be in the Super Bowl 46. First, the New England Patriots are back in the AFC title game for the sixth time with Tom Brady and coach Bill Bellichick. It is necessary to understand that the Patriots are hungry to be back in the Super Bowl as they failed to be there in the the last four years. The truth that Brady has an MVP year again, yet we all know that he wants to get another ring. Surely, the dominance of the Patriots against the Broncos in a 45-10 victory can be a statement that they are ready for this AFC title game.

Baltimore will play the Patriots as they visit Gillette Stadium. The Ravens defense has been the key in the previous games and that this team can probably stifle the offense of the Patriots. This is a game for the Ravens to make another upset against the Patriots. Joe Flacco must have to deliver the passes as he is expected to make it happen. Flacco is the quarterback who needs to validate himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

The hottest team today is New York. With all the success of the Giants winning four consecutive games including beating Atlanta Falcons and upsetting the Green Bay Packers. Giants defense is back and quarterback Eli Manning game peaks at the right time. Also the Giants are on the road wanting to duplicate their victory in the the 2008 Super Bowl.

One of the biggest upsets in this NFL Playoff was San Francisco 49ers over the New Orleans Saints in one of the classic games this season. San Francisco 49ers will host New York Giants for the AFC National title game.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Giants vs Cowboys: A rivalry battle in the NFC East!

Superbowl live stream 2012? Wait a minute! There are many things yet to be settled in the NFL before we talk about the first ever stream super bowl.

The Giants vs Cowboys game will be the most anticipated game of the day because it's worth something a team dream off before the season - beating their rivals. What a game to end the season and to start the year. Two teams with defensive mindsets will have the showdown at the Metlife Stadium on Sunday January 1, 2012.

Yes, it is already 2012 and we are eagerly anticipating for the Super Bowl. Could the winner of this team will be in the super bowl 46? Not quite because it is like threading the needle. New York Giants may have the quarterback to guide them to another run in the playoffs but this is a game to win first. While the Cowboys will rely on the unreliable Tony Romo. Probably he will be reliable this time around.

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants will be exciting for this is like the start of the playoffs for them for one will enter the wildcard game next week anyway. Don't be surprised about the defensive schemes of these teams. Yes, pass rush is the name of the football defenses that will surely be implemented. It will be up to the offensive coordinators to play chess match.

Which team will win? Which team will have the swagger at the end? This is the Sunday Night Football at NBC which is the home of Super Bowl 2012. Just take a month more before we find out which teams will be live streamed in the Super Bowl. It could be one of these teams - yet a miracle!