Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Bowl Live Stream: Patriots vs Giants Rematch

Super Bowl Live Stream: Patriots vs Giants Rematch

New England Patriots vs New York Giants in the first ever superbowl live stream. What a great match up as both teams played great in the conference championship.

Patriots pulled off a nerve wracking 23-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens to earn a passage to the Super Bowl LXVI. A missed field goal by Raven's kicker Billy Cundiff sent the Ravens home while the Patriots in jubilation. It was a very contentious game that almost went to the Ravens side as they had the possession of the ball in the last minute. Joe Flacco moved the chains enough for the Ravens to set that 32 yard field goal.

The story was not all about the Patriots for they were outgained on the air and on the ground. It was Ravens failure to make the right passes at the end. Quartback Tom Brady even said that he didn't have the game that he wanted. His game were marred by two turnovers, though he is happy to get the win because of the Patriots defense.

On the other hand, New York Giants overpowered the 49ers in taking the opportunity for the fumble return in overtime, 20-17. Giants were lucky enough for that chance to get the ball through a missed punt return. Eli Manning played extremely well that he is back to the Super Bowl.

Giants defense has been superb in the past weeks and this team is ready to meet the final challenge against the Patriots.

Super Bowl Live Stream is on NBC Sports.