Sunday, January 1, 2012

Giants vs Cowboys: A rivalry battle in the NFC East!

Superbowl live stream 2012? Wait a minute! There are many things yet to be settled in the NFL before we talk about the first ever stream super bowl.

The Giants vs Cowboys game will be the most anticipated game of the day because it's worth something a team dream off before the season - beating their rivals. What a game to end the season and to start the year. Two teams with defensive mindsets will have the showdown at the Metlife Stadium on Sunday January 1, 2012.

Yes, it is already 2012 and we are eagerly anticipating for the Super Bowl. Could the winner of this team will be in the super bowl 46? Not quite because it is like threading the needle. New York Giants may have the quarterback to guide them to another run in the playoffs but this is a game to win first. While the Cowboys will rely on the unreliable Tony Romo. Probably he will be reliable this time around.

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants will be exciting for this is like the start of the playoffs for them for one will enter the wildcard game next week anyway. Don't be surprised about the defensive schemes of these teams. Yes, pass rush is the name of the football defenses that will surely be implemented. It will be up to the offensive coordinators to play chess match.

Which team will win? Which team will have the swagger at the end? This is the Sunday Night Football at NBC which is the home of Super Bowl 2012. Just take a month more before we find out which teams will be live streamed in the Super Bowl. It could be one of these teams - yet a miracle!